Scythe Thermal Elixer 2

  • PC sector Pure Aluminum Particle Hybrid Technology is used to optimize the heat transfer between CPU and heat sink.
  • Low thermal resistance, excellent long-term stability and extremely low dry-out characteristics.
  • The consistency allows easy to apply and remove, no corrosive properties and no risk of short circuit.
  • Thermal Elixer 2 reaches its maximum potential immediately after applying, so no burn-in time required.
  • Pro thermal compound ideal for CPU/processor cooler, heatsink, GPU cooler



Model Name Scythe Thermal Elixer 2 Thermal Grease
Model Number SCTE-2000
Weight 5g / content
Thermal Resistance 0.013 K-in²/W
Thermal Conductivity 3.5 W / (mK)
Temperature Range -20° ~ 120°C
Dielectric Strength 1.5 KV / mm
Ingredients Aluminum (~ 70%), Zinc Oxide (~ 20%)